Nazareth PA 1/2 mile dirt 1973-1974
Corky Cookman Jack Duffy
Rags Carter Wilbur Force
Ronnie Jensen
Del George
Dan McLaughlin Chuck Ciprich
Johnny Harroll Danny Mitchell
Billy Osmun
            Chuck Ely
Jackie Wilson
Hal Browning
Sonny Hutchins
Rich Eurich Ed DeAngelis
         Ken Golden says
           "1 lap to green!"
This is a view of the site of the half mile track, looking
down from the now defunct mile. The backstraight
ran along the back of the white building in the background, the bleachers were where the building at right with the trees in front of it now sits.
Originally there was a covered grandstand where the white building is,and that was the front stretch until the late sixties.
C. D. Coville?
Stan Ploski
Ed Farley
Frankie Scheneider
Jeff Fleury
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