Nazareth  1/2 mile 1975
Kevin Collins 12
Bob Malzahn 99
Jim Horton 43
Gary Balough 73
Frankie Schneider 2
Tigue Scott 28
Nazareth International Speedway
Up on the hill behind the Nazareth Fairgrounds 1/2 mile, Jerry Freid had a 1 1/8 mile dirt track built in the early sixties. They ran the local modifieds and sprints, but it was also a stop on the USAC Indy car circuit, back when dirt races were part of the championship, I remember a picture of Lloyd Ruby racing his rear engined  Indy car on the dirt against the upright champ cars around 1970. Property was sold in 1973
and the track sat unused until Lindy Vicari got hold of it in the early eighties. He made it a mile dirt track and ran special events on it for about a year and a half until  that enterprise went belly up. One regret I have is that I never saw a race on either of the dirt incarnations, because I'd heard they were pretty cool. Roger Penske then bought it and built a paved superspeedway, later selling out to I. S. C.. Reputation was that the track was lame, but when I heard it was closing I decided to go over there for the USAC Midgets and Sprints on their last weekend of racing.
It was a pretty poor excuse for a racetrack. I don't think there was a seat in the place where one could see the whole track, turn 2 was
a mystery from just about anywhere. Traffic must have been awful if they ever got a crowd, I don't see how 248 and 191 could handle much traffic. But it's gone. I. S. C. sold it off with a clause in the deed stating that the property can't be used for a speedway.
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