Orange County Fair Speedway page 1 First time at OCFS  was with my Dad durung the fair in 1970. We got rained out
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The Orange County Fair Speedway is the oldest dirt track still in operation. The 'Hard Clay" oval is also less than an hour
from New York City.  It's showing its age, and the facility is in a state of neglect, but they're still racing every Saturday night.
Below are some scattered shots from the 1970's
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Wayne Reutimann
Don Diffendorf Chuck Ely
These are from the Eastern States 200 1970, my first time at the speedway. It was a cold grey day, and there were a bunch of wrecks that
dragged the show out forever. Will Cagle wrecked in his heat race, but got in Ronnie Theil's #17 for the feature and won.
The film was underdeveloped, and the negatives are pretty beat up. We did what we could
Here's some more courtesy of John Wetzel

Butch Jelley Buzzie Reutimann
Dick Pendell
Danny Mitchell
Joe Conti Will Cagle
Carl Van Horn
Steve Christian Ronnie Jensen 440
Whiz Whizenand
Johnny Owen
Bill Wilson
Chamberlain, Van Horn
Frankie Schneider, Paul Rochelle Don Elliot?
Rich Eurich
Bob Rubini
Jake Ressiga
Gerald Chamberlain
This group is from opening day 1973.
Carl Van Horn
Orange County Home Movies:

Spring 1975

Summer 1975

Eastern State qualifying 1975

Spring 1976
The above are the Orange County Fair Speedway 2005
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